Sunday, 1 April 2012

One of those days

So I'm the Queen of putting on a "Government Face"! What is a government face? It's the face I dorn when all is wrong about me; but I have to face the public anyway. I've never afforded myself the luxury of allowing people to see when my chips are down. Nothing is ever wrong in Niquie's world when I walk out my front door and touch the government streets!

I thought this blog would be a good step in the direction of expressing some of the pain i'm holding inside, however as I try to write this entry something inside of me isn't allowing me to put my pain on front street.

So maybe another day, but for today i'll end with saying RIP Cedric it's about to be 3 years and as I celebrate my sisters' 30 birthday with her and face the world with a smile, i'm dying inside as I miss everything about you.