Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Loosing Weight

           I'm 6'1 and I wear around a 12/14, where i'm from i'm "THICK"! I'm ready to be a bit slimmer I need to feel comfortable in my clothes. I want to go into a store and be able to find the clothes I like in my size and if my size doesn't fit (because of the cut) then I can go up a size. I'm just a snicker bar away from being plus sized. I don't have a set goal for weight or clothes size. I'll just know it when I get there.
          Loosing weight isn't my problem, keeping it off is. I am such a snacker I eat snacks over food all the time. I need to work on healthier lifelong eating habits. So yesterday I decided to work on healthier habits and my weightloss. I'll get on a scale on Saturday and use that as my known starting weight

these were taken on 10/15/2011

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