Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Made it back

So here I am a few months later I really gave up the diet. I lost 27lbs in a matter of 2 months. I'm trying my best to get back on target and stay committed to my diet.

My starting date was November 01, 2011 @ 206lbs

On Jan. 1st 2012 @ 179lbs

-27lbs later in such a short period of time I got a little COCKY or over Confident and started easing of my diet so here I am at 186lbs and ready to fully commit myself to my success. I fell of the diet right after the new year and I've tried unsuccessfully to return to full commitment but somehow always give in to temptations when there is food around. I've regained 7 pounds in the 2 month span but managed to still keep 20 off and success is a success in my book. Back on my journey!!

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