Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Reason #1 why I must live alone!!

I don't care if you leave the toilet seat up, just drop the little shower thing when you're finished showering

See tonight i'm sleeping by the boyfriend; i turn on the water in the tub and HE LEFT THE SHOWER ON!!!
No big deal you say and I see you looking at me side eyed ^-^

For me it's a huge deal
I hate cold water I do not bathe in cold water unless
1. I'm taking a bucket bath (yes people still do those when WAPA plays hide and go seek with your water)
2. Power is out yes again I'll thank WAPA

See unexpected shower head mishaps can cause you a hair style or it can cause my body to go into shock and nearly kill myself trying to get away from the cold water.
You know the people that are famous for leaving the shower thingy up after they shower my mom and my best friend. See those 2 I think they do it on purpose like it's some plot to drive my insane.

Today is the 1st time in about 6 years since I've experienced it and when Chris arrives home i'll give him that side eye how could you do that to me look......and i've been reminded why I'll live alone whenever the kids move out that is

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  1. Ugh... Mr. does something similar. He enjoys the shower water ridiculously hot! Damn near scalding! I have to beg him sometimes to put it back into a neutral position in the middle that way I don't get burned and he doen't get the chills.