Sunday, 29 December 2013

Juicing and Green Smoothies

So I knew a few months back; that starting in 2014 I would replace a meal or 2 with juicing and green smoothies and today I signed up for A 30 day green smoothie challenge starting Jan. 01, 2014. I've never don't a 30 day commitment so this should be fun. I realized that I really don't eat enough leafy greens and this is a life still change I can commit to.

My normal green smoothie consist of Almond Milk, Bananas, spinach, and peanut butter topped with chia seeds. According to the Simple Green Smoothies site they will provide me with 5 recipes a week and a weekly shopping list. I'm excited to see and taste the flavor possibilities.

In addition to my smoothies I'll throw in a few juiced drinks for healthy snack with or meal replacement. I've stopped making New Year resolutions awhile now so this new adventure just gets added to my Life change guide as I eat healthy in these coming years.

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